Don’t Forget Dad on June 21st

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Father’s Day:

Dads do some many things for us.  Even when they cannot always be present.

Our Dad left us with many blessings – a strong family bond, a sense of duty to our community,  a high regard for integrity and hard work, and a great smoked salmon dip recipe!  We miss him every day.

So, be glad your Dad is still around.  Spoil him and tell him you love and appreciate him., and of course, stop by The Kobuk to grab a bag of his favorite coffee or sweets.    Here’s our list of Top Ten Gift For Dad.  In store only, 10% off the month of June.

Top Ten “For Dad”

  1.   Denali Dreams Soap:  No kidding! Manly Man to Handy Man!
  2.  Raven’s Brew Coffee:  Billy Goat Blend is favored by guys 4:1; and cool artwork to boot!
  3.  A handmade money clip:  Keep his cash handy for your next visit 🙂
  4. Smoked salmon & salmon spice rub:  Perfect for the BBQ. 
  5. A Totemic Design travel mug:  Practical and portable!
  6. A Kobuk Mug:  Hand thrown for us by Tom Meyer;  add a packet of Samovar and you’re set!
  7.  A Wine Stopper:  Moose! Bear! Trout!
  8.  Sweet Treats:  Mike’s donuts, anyone?
  9.  A music CD:  Bagpipes or Blues, we’ve got one!
  10.  A piece of ivory:  Add to his collection with an Alaskan carving.

Beadwork Bounty

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Osinchuk BeadworkFirst Friday, May 1st.  View the bead work of Juliana Osinchuk from 5 to 7 pm in The Kobuk Cafe.  Enjoy free treats and find a lovely and useful item for the Mom in your life….

Artist Quote:

“I have always loved color, especially the bold hues, and love the challenge of mixing and matching the different shades, shapes and textures of stones.  With each year that I work with stones, their origins and properties fascinate me more and more. What nature creates is a constant inspiration.”