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Don't You Embarrass Your Parents and Show Up without a gift….

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Top Ten Hostess Gifts

Don’t arrive empty handed! Kobuk has your back!

Our Mom and Dad impressed upon us three kids that to show up at someone’s home without a little something festive in hand was tantamount to tarnishing the family name! So, do your folks proud and come and see what neat little gifty you can tuck in your pocket and produce for your next holiday host or hostess!

1. Denali Dream Soap

Delightfully packaged, useful in the extreme and fragrant.

2. Samovar Tea!


of pies, cookies or donuts to take along!!

What Do The Fallen Leaves Tell us About the Future?

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We are talking Tea Leaves! Wouldn’t you love to learn the basics of tea leaf reading? Join us at the Kobuk for a light-hearted look into your destiny! Tea, treats and training in the ancient art of reading tea leaves Saturday, October 26th at 2pm. Call for reservations. Just $15.00. 272-3626. If you haven’t come down to check out the ghoulish decorations

for Halloween yet anyway!