News Flash: Frequent Trips to Kobuk Help Fight Winter Blues

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This just in: February Blues Cured by Frequent Stops at The Kobuk!

Winter is half way done and a quick stop at the Kobuk will remind you why the Cup is Half Full!

Warm up with a sample of our house tea and then create your own sampler pack. Take home an ounce or two of several teas, brew them up and fill your nest with the comforting aroma of warm spices and fruit. ( That is toe tingling, guilt free comfort, right there. ) While at the store, indulge in one of Mike or McKayla’s fresh baked sweets. ( News flash: One of the many great things about cold weather is that you burn extra calories just keeping your body temperature up, so why not?)

Spoil yourself with a new scarf, hat or pair of mittens that Nina found at January’s Alaska and Seattle gift shows. It’s mid-season…nothin’ is more therapeutic than a low-cost new look. Just sayin.

So, if your weary of the cold weather, don’t sit and stew….stop by Kobuk for a tasty new brew!

The Holidays are So Cordial

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Such a cordial season!

What would the holidays be without visits to and from our family and friends?  Party season has just about begun!  So now the question is “what special little thing can I bring to add to the festivities”? Cordials! Those melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate balls filled with luscious flavors, like amaretto, apricot, blackberry, cherry, Cordialsraspberry, rum and my personal favorite, cognac! WHILE there is no real alcohol in these candies, the flavors are very true to life and they make a great after dinner treat. Stop by the shop and we will package up a variety. You will be the hit of the dinner party!